Valle Nevado – Hotel Tres Puntas

At Valle Nevado we stay at Hotel Tres Puntas which is a walk in/walk out Hotel right at the base of Valle Nevado. The hotel features, buffet breakfast and dinners, hot tubs, pools, full gym, sauna, games rooms, indoor gymnasium and a skate ramp. We are thrilled to offer this hotel experience as part of  Evolve Chile ski and snowboard camp. The dorm style accommodations are perfect for our youth camp.

Termas de Chillan – Roca Negra – Las Trancas

Powder days in Termas start in the open bowls and end in the tree glades. When the powder is gone and the tree lines are chewed up we usually find a spot off the backside to build a big booter. Campers will throw tricks they know and ones they learned with our professional staff.A full day of going hard in Termas is best followed with a relaxing soak in the natural hot springs. And for those who don’t feel like relaxing – feel free to head back to Evolve Chile’s private lodge with private mini park, skate bowl or hot tubs.


A full breakfast will be served every morning to fuel up for all the activities. Recharge every night with gourmet Chilean cuisine. Lunches are not included in the camp tuition. Please indicate any special dietary needs during the registration process so we can try to accommodate them.

Dangerzone Season 2 Episode 23 – “Cribs” from Nick Visconti on Vimeo.