What are campers up to at Evolve?

Chile is a safe, beautiful and modern country and a world-renowned ski and snowboard destination. As the season wraps up in North America and Europe, Chile is just getting ready for action. Coming down to Chile during July and August provides our campers with an opportunity to live the endless winter dream.

The Evolve Chile camp exposes campers to the unique Chilean culture, the Spanish language and a diverse ski and snowboard terrain that is one of a kind.

On the hill, campers are guided and supervised by Evolve Chile staff who come from a variety of backgrounds. They are either pro skiers or snowboarders, professional ski/snowboard instructors at their home mountain or individuals with summer camp and youth leadership experience. Some of our staff have been with us for 3-5 years. Off the hill, our staff act as professional supervision for our youth campers, much the same as a traditional summer camp. Each camp session is lead by a Camp Director who is responsible for all campers and staff down in Chile, and communicating with parents and relatives back home. Our staff ratio is 1:6.

Evolve Chile is powered by Evolve Tours – the foremost international teen tour and youth adventure travel program in the world. Evolve has created some of the most unique and safest programs for teen adventure seekers to date.


Evolve Chile gets campers from all over the world. We try and organize flight options so that campers who are coming from the same area are flying together. Regardless of where they are coming from our coaches and staff wait at the airport until the last camper has arrived. If you need assistance booking a flight, please contact Evolve Chile at 1.888.222.5066

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In the past we’ve had campers from all over the Eastern and Western United States, Canada, Great Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Iceland, Europe, Japan and much more. We’d be happy to put you in touch with families from your area who have sent their kids to Evolve Chile.

When my 15 year old son told me he wanted to go to snowboarding summer camp in Chile last year, I thought it was just too extreme – and he was taking this snowboarding obsession too far!  After all, this was on the other side of the world practically!  However, after reviewing the Evolve website and talking to the friendly staff at Evolve, I became more comfortable with the idea and finally consented. Once we signed up, making the arrangements for the trip was not nearly as complicated as I thought and my worries turned out to be unwarranted.  The staff at Evolve was informative, responsive and very organized.  There were no problems at all and I especially appreciated the internet updates provided to the parents while the camp was in session.  When it was all over and my son returned, he was enthralled with what turned out to be a huge adventure.  Not only did he improve his snowboarding skills, but he made lots of new friends and (most importantly to me) broadened his horizons by experiencing the people and culture of Chile.  In fact, he even decided to take Spanish at school the next semester.  Of course, now he is lobbying to go again this Summer – this time for two sessions – and I have no reservations about sending him!  

“I picked up Jonny from the airport today, and he looked fantastic!  He had such an amazing time on his trip!!  He talked non-stop for the entire car-ride home (highly unusual for a teenaged boy ;-)

He showed me tons of pictures, raved about the food, the coaches, you, and everyone on the program.  He really loved it.  Thank you so much for putting together such a great program.  Please pass along our thanks to the other coaches, the hotel staff, and everyone else involved in pulling this off. 

It’s a bit scary sending your child across the world to another country for skiing, but it was worth it, and I would tell any other parents not to worry! You run a great operation. 

Thanks again,”

“Thank you again for taking such good care of the boys.  They had a great time and they are already lobbying to return next year for all 3 sessions.  Have fun. “

” As a parent, I was a little nervous about sending my son outside the country on his own for three weeks, despite his enthusiasm to do so!  My fears were for naught.  He had a terrific time—improved his skiing ability and confidence tenfold, met a lot of people from all over the world and enjoyed Chile.  All in all, a highlight of his summer. And the Evolve director and staff did a good job on keeping us posted while they were away. They emailed us to let us know the kids arrived safely and sent us photos so we could see what they were up to, what a good time they were having and how they were improving in their skiing and snowboarding abilities, not to mention the spectacular scenery.   Made you wish you were there! I felt very comfortable that they kept  a close eye on my son and made sure he was safe at all times. Would highly recommend it.”