Evolve Chile Surfing Session | Ski & Snowboard Camp


Surfing Sessions at Evolve Chile

Pow runs to park laps to surf – that’s how we do it at Evolve Chile. Our camp’s surfing component is always a highlight for everyone. The three-day surfing camp takes place in the beginning of August.

Surfing is the added bonus of coming down to Evolve Chile. For many skier/snowboarders the ultimate day is being up in the mountains one day, and surfing in the ocean the next. Sea to Sky, or vice versa in this case.  At Evolve Chile we make that happen! Our surfing location is just 3 hours from our base lodge. We are the only Ski and Snowboard Camp that offers a ski and snow session. Don’t miss it.

Never surfed before? No worries.

We take our campers to our own secret spot where the waves are mellow and just right for any surfer. Our surf coaches are best of the best and are professional surf instructors. By the end of the first day of surfing, most campers are getting up on smaller breaking waves and taking them to the beach. By the second day some campers are able to surf the face of bigger ‘green’ waves and make turns. This is one of the best parts of coming down to Chile with Evolve.

Evolve Chile Surf Session 2010 from Evolve on Vimeo.