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15 Things We Miss about the Ski and Snowboard Season

1. Après Ski Hot Tubs

Hot Tub. Apres Ski. On the Snow. Evolve Snow Camps


2. Guilt-Free Poutine

Poutine. Ski Season. Snow Season


3. Actually being excited when your alarm clock goes off in the morning

ALARM CLOCK. ringing


4. Breaking a binding… and knowing you finally have an excuse to go GEAR SHOPPING

Sale. Binding. Snowboard. Snow Sports. Gear


5. March…

Spring Skiing. Evolve Spring Skiing. Snowboarding. Evolve


6. The fact that anyone can look good in ski swag

Ski Meme. Oh Wow. Ski Mask.Skiing. Snowboarding. Meme.


7. New Chairlift Friends

Chairlift Friends. Skiing. Snowboarding. Evolve



8. Goggle Tans being your pride

Goggle Tan. Skiing. Snowboarding. Spring Skiing


9. Being able to listen to corny music….while still feeling super cool

Snowboarding. Headphones. Earphones. Skiing. What we miss about the snowboarding season


10. Playing Amped all evening because the lifts aren’t open for night skiing

Amped. Snowboarding. Freestyle. Screenshot. Skiing. Snowboard. What we miss about the ski and snowboard season


11. The fact that deadlines just don’t seem stressful at all when you’re on the slopes

Ski Holiday. Stress. Work. Gone. What we miss about ski and snowboarding season. Deadlines


12. Getting socks as a gift for each winter holiday

Ski Socks. Gift. Present. Ski. Snowboarding. Evolve


13. Finding a reason to enjoy the cold while your friends hibernate indoors watching netflix

Snowboarding. HAppy. Outdoors. evolve. Skiing. What we miss about the ski and snowboarding seasons


14. That nobody knows that you haven’t changed your base layer in days

Base Layer. Skiing. Snowboarding. Warmth



and last but not least…….


15. The Actual Sport itself!!!!





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