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Endless Summer

Hey all it’s Wednesday. Such a chill day here smack right in the middle of the week. The sun’s right there, up there in the sky. Not that we have got all that out of the way we thought we’d share another edit from this past summer at Evolve Chile.

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Coming from the shining Valle Nevado, tucked away in the mountains of Las Trancas we present to you Endless Summer. Evolve Chile is the spot for free skiing and snowboarding this summer (Northern Hemisphere) we have got a program for youth and one for adults, both have your recommended seasonal dose of fun and stoke. stay healthy people

Its been a couple of years since the snow came down consistently. Summer 2014 brought us plenty of snow, sunshine and great campers from around the world. We also had the pleasure of having Curtis Woodman, Will Wesson, Alexi Godbout and other local legends like Paul May. See you next summer at our home base VALLE NEVADO.



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