Art of Flight: 12 foot Jump in Chile - Evolve Chile

Art of Flight: 12 foot Jump in Chile

Whenever I start talking to skiers and snowboarders about Evolve Chile and our youth and adult programs that run through the North American summer (the winter in South America), one conversation point seems to always come up… “Did you see that Chile segment in Red Bull’s Art of Flight?”

Well the answer is yes, yes I have seen that clip. And do you know what? It is completely awesome for two main reasons. Reason 1: it is hype. Reason 2: it reminds me of the awesome conditions we get when riding with Evolve Chile. Here’s a portion of the Chile segment below featuring Travis Rice, Scotty Lago and Jake Blauvelt boosting off a 12-foot jump in the Chilean Andes for those who have not yet seen it. And if you want to experience something like this first hand join us with our pro coaches this summer (North American summer) for a truly life changing experience. Catch fun.

Art of Flight: 12-Foot Jump in Chile from Outside Television on Vimeo.

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