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Jones Snowboards in Chile

The Jones Snowboarding crew just spent a ton of time down in the southern hemisphere. The result? Some awesome photos and videos documenting the epic radness of this trip down south. Specifically their ambassador Inaki Odriozola caught some wild snippets of the action. Take a look and what beautiful sites were uncovered: Valle Nevado, Chile Forrest Shearer in […]


QuickSilver Files for Bankruptcy

Our favourite mountain-wear and surfer-style brand has filed for bankruptcy and we couldn’t be more bummed out to bring the news.   On Wednesday, Quicksilver’s US division filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.   European and Asian operations will not be affected, however the US sector will see drastic changes in the upcoming months.   Let’s […]

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Flux Veho – Chilean Mountain Film Festival

This year marked the first year of the The Flux Veho Film Festival. The festival was created by Rafael Pease to celebrate local Chilean Mountain Culture. The festival aims to spread awareness of the natural beauty of this ski and snowboard haven. The hope is that such awareness will help grow the movement dedicated towards […]

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But What Does El Nino Even Mean??

Over at Evolve Snow Camps, we talk about the fact that this year’s El Nino could reach a record high.   But what is actually happening in the oceans when we talk about the El Nino phenomenon?       An El Nino year is characterized by a year with warmer than average sea surface […]

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We are the future: The First Hoverboard Edit

Lexus has released the first ever hoverboard edit!   This is truly a glimpse into the future, letting us see what’s in store for the boardsport industry. This board, produced by Lexus is called the “Slide”. It quite literally HOVERS above the ground surface.   The “Slide” creates an electromagnetic field by combining magnets, liquid […]

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The Effects of Different Ski and Snowboard Terrains

Different terrains can drastically affect your ski and snowboard experience. One expert on moguls may be a stranger to powder. In the same way someone who has conquered well-groomed, steep verticals may not perform so well on icier, yet flatter surfaces. Skiing and Snowboarding requires different skillsets for different terrains. Though we often assume that […]

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Snowmobiling Over Water

A Jet-Ski isn’t the only version of a snowmobile which glides over water. Say that again ? Thats right, REAL snowmobiles do it too. Thats crazy man ! Yupp. Who would have known ? Whoever figured out this one sure was an adrenaline seeker with a creative mind, theres no doubt behind that one. The […]

Cat Skiing vs. Heli Skiing

Cat Skiing and Heli Skiing are two terms that we hear all the time. We tend to classify them together – assuming that both are equally a powder chaser’s dream come true. There are, however, several differences between the two. To save you the trouble, we thought we’d do a comparison for you. Heli Skiing […]