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Cat Skiing vs. Heli Skiing

Cat Skiing and Heli Skiing are two terms that we hear all the time. We tend to classify them together – assuming that both are equally a powder chaser’s dream come true. There are, however, several differences between the two. To save you the trouble, we thought we’d do a comparison for you. Heli Skiing […]

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Snowboarding in the South – Evolve Chile

Here at Evolve Chile, we know that dreaded feeling when the snowboarding season comes to an end every year. We’ve developed Evolve Chile to avoid exactly that. Now, every spring we get PUMPED about the snowboarding that is in store for us during the upcoming summer. These guys had a similar idea. Check out this video featuring […]

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Termas De Chillán

We travel down to Termas De Chillán during our crazy summer trips and we want you to know all about it!! This place is absolutely unreal. It is located about in Southern Andes about 80 km from Chillán and is surrounded by such a scenic and stunning environment!   Hidden amongst the slopes of the […]

LibTech and …Lost Surfboards partner to bring you the Puddle Jumper

  Snowboarding and surfing may be two different sports for two different seasons, however these two extreme sports root their foundations in the same skill-set. Both snowboarding and surfing require a solid understanding of board maneuverability.   Knowing how a board will react to the rider’s movements is a skill unique to boarders. Shredders and surfers alike know how […]

Snow Tech: Top Ski and Snowboarding Apps

If you’ve just invested in a fancy new smartphone and want to get the best use of it when your heading out on the slopes this winter, then your going to want to check out these convenient ski and snowboarding apps. The smartphone generation has totally revolutionized the ski and snowboarding experience. Take a look at […]


Stand Up Paddle SNOWBoarding

There’s a new sport upon us: Stand Up Paddle Snowboarding. We’ve seen just how fast stand up paddle boarding gained traction… is this going to be the next big thing? We’re not too sure about that, but it sure is creative! Check out this video about stand up paddle SNOWboarding. Surfers and Stand-up paddle boarders (SUP […]

Valle Nevado: The History

Heres the backstory behind where you will travelling to with us this summer! The Valle Nevado dream all began in the mid 80s. By 1988, the dream had become into a reality when the doors opened to what we now know of today as the Valle Nevado Resort. This resort was inspired by the French Resort, Les […]