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Chile’s Surf Turf

Surfing in Chile sounds like a dream come true.

But what if you don’t know where to begin?

Here’s a good overview of some of the Sweetest Sandy Surf Spots of the South.

Surfing in Chile


Chile covers a whopping 4300 kilometers of coastline. The Northern regions of the country tend to contain short, brisk waves while the central and southern regions have long and strong pushes and pulls. The North however, boasts more manageable temperatures – while a wetsuit is required in the South because of the cold waters.

Also, the North is most appealing to regular-footed surfers. This is because the right-breaking waves are numerous in the North, easily outnumbering the number of surf spots with left-breaking waves in this region.

Temperatures of the water in Chile tend to hover around 15 – 20 degrees celsius.

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Some Northern Surf Spots:

1) ARICA: El Gringo Break (Check out Cavancha Beach) – Waves here can reach over 4 meters high!


2) IQUIQUE: El Colegio (Find more Right-breaking waves here than anywhere else in the North!)


3) ANTOFAGASTA: La Cupula (Nearby the Atacama Desert)



1) (PICHILEMU) Las Terrazas or La Puntilla beaches (located south-west of Santiago, Pichilemu is deemed to Chile’s “Surf City. Las Terrazas and La Puntilla are two beaches in the area which cater best towards beginner and intermediate riders. )


2) (PICHILEMU) Infiernillo or Punto de Lobos (these beaches, also located in the Pichilemu area are only ventured into by the most experienced surfers)


and Southern:

1) Puerto Maguillines (This surf spot is located Northwest of Chile’s largest island, Chiloe, the waves here are left handed and suitable for intermediate riders)




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