Currently in Chile...Chilean News - Evolve Chile

Currently in Chile…Chilean News

We scanned this week’s top headlines to bring you the latest breaking news from the south.

Here is what is going on in CHILE:

1. Calbuco Volcano sends out new blasts of Ash

Don’t worry this won’t affect our trip down there, but it HAS affected the residents of the nearby townships. Residents had just returned home after the recent volcanic eruption, and were greeted by even more blasts of ash. This unfriendly welcoming has chileans evacuating the area once again

Read more here: Calbuco Volcano Sends Blasts


2. Fragments of Unknown Dinosaur Discovered in Chile

Holy Cow! THIS is news!!

A seven year old discovered the bone fragments of a new dinosaur closely resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This dinosaus was an herbivore, making it stand out against its T-Rex kin.

Read More about this unexplored creature here: Chilesaurus


3. New Pro Surfing Film Saving Hometown Waves

Pro Surfer, Ramon Navarro, from Punta de Lobos is raising money to make his hometown a World Surfing Reserve. “The Fisherman’s Son: The Spirit of Ramón Navarro” is a collaborative effort combining a book edition and a half hour documentary to raise funds for the World Surfing Reserve.

Read Up on the Book and Film here:


Stay tuned for more updates !


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