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Flux Veho – Chilean Mountain Film Festival

This year marked the first year of the The Flux Veho Film Festival.

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The festival was created by Rafael Pease to celebrate local Chilean Mountain Culture. The festival aims to spread awareness of the natural beauty of this ski and snowboard haven. The hope is that such awareness will help grow the movement dedicated towards using films to promote the preservation of planet’s vulnerable land.

Rafael is a Chilean studying in the United States. His vision brought together both local and international skiiers and riders.

The festival was held in Farellones, Chile. Farrellones is a quaint Chilean village and ski resort located just outside of Santiago. Farellones is located in the Andes Mountains, nearby to resorts such as Valle Nevado, Portillo, La Parva, and El Colorado.

Farrellones. Chile. Village. Andes Mountains. Ski Resort


The festival ran from August 9th to 14th, featuring a video competition to highlight the Chilean ski and snowboard culture. Participants formed teams of three, combining skiers and snowboarders alike. 23 teams competed in total, with members both from the local community, and from around the world.


Competitors had less than one week to film and edit their videos. The top three videos won a sum of CLP, and also are to have their films featured in a local mall for an entire month of screening. The best backcountry video and the top Farollones edit were also awarded prizes of a 3 day stay in Lonquimay, and a day of ATVing.

Lucky for competitors, the competition fell on the same week as the 5 foot storm that swept through the Andes Mountains.

6 Judges ranked the videos based on four criteria: Creativity, Style, Balls, and Editing.

Check out the full hour of videos here.


“Ecoxtreme” placed first, followed by the
“Brother Hood” and “BC Argentina Represent”.


The Backcountry Award was presented to “Powder Line”, while the best Farellones edit was awarded to “Oh! Farellones!”.
Kangalha took the  The Adventure Award.

Read more about the festival on the official Flux Veho webpage

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