Gearing up for Chile & the adult session - Evolve Chile

Gearing up for Chile & the adult session

The winter vibes in Chile are in full swing. Skiers and snowboarders are eager for winter to start. Shops are fully stocked and our partner resorts such as Valle Nevado and Nevados de Chillan are in full swing getting ready for winter 2015. Sounds funny but our winter is only about to begin! With a slow winter in most parts of North America, the hype to head down to Chile has really set in. Most of our kids sessions are pretty full and our Adult session is getting there too.

Incase you have been living under a rock we will give you a little reminder about the special people we are bringing down for the adult camp of 2015 in Chile.


Guest #1 – Kjersti Buaas ~ Best Style at Nine Queens 2015

Guest #2 – Chanelle Sladics

Guest #3 – Ian Provo

Photo: Ian Provo


To enrol for the Adult or Youth session visit this link: CHILE 2015

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