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GogglePal! WOW!



We are certainly in a technological era, there’s no denying that one. Skiing and Snowboarding are no longer an exception to that fact.


A new technology, GogglePal has recently reached their kickstarter goal… and let us tell you, it’s pretty awesome!!

GogglePal is the world’s first Augmented Reality Head Up Display for Goggles. With this new technology you can track your stats, connect to others, and share your experiences with the world.


A team of skiers and engineers have joined together to bring to life this cool new gadget.


GogglePal attaches to any set of Goggles that you already own! It tracks your real time speed, your vertical drop, and a built-in 6 axis gyroscope tracks your body movements and rotations.


With this technology, you can find your nearby friends, send messages to each other, and hunt for “virtual treasure” as a team (Think video game style). It lets you compete against others in a controlled environment, turning the real-life mountain into a virtual playground.


You can also use GogglePal to track your distance travelled, elapsed time, and calories burned.
Its an all around win. Probably the most impressive kickstarted we’ve come across yet.


Check out their official website here 




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