Moment Skis sponsoring Evolve Chile! - Evolve Chile

Moment Skis sponsoring Evolve Chile!

Moment Skis all up in Chile

That’s right! Today Moment Skis and Evolve Chile Freestyle Camp partnered up to shred the Southern Hemisphere together. As our newest sponsor, Evolve Chile would like to thank Moment for their support. We at Evolve Chile have one main philosophy; it’s never summer baby. Winter’s over up North? Then come South! Moment shares this philosophy.

If you haven’t heard of Moment you need to come out from under that rock. OK, that’s not fair, I live in the same town as them. But none the less, their skis are the most up and coming in the whole ski industry. Their unique shapes catch the eye, but more importantly, they shred shred shred and they are hand made in the US of A, which is a very good thing for us in these turbulent times. Moment Skis Website

As a camper at Evolve Chile, getting to ride some Moments is part of the deal. Let’s have some moments on some Moments. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

About Moment:

Five years ago, making skis was just an idea – a thought, a hobby. After a few skis were made, beers consumed, and thoughts gathered, Moment Skis was truly born.

Moment is based at the edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Reno, NV. Our rider-owned and operated factory is also based here in Reno. This gives us the ability to have complete control over the production of every ski. From laminating our wood cores and sublimating the graphics to selling and all the dreaded paperwork, we do everything in house. Our top-of-the-line materials and good people make the best skis. We don’t cut you short on anything.

All our skis come from a collaboration between engineers, riders and customers. In fact, we encourage feed back from you, the consumer. Producing our own skis gives us a unique advantage over our competitors. We can rapidly grow and bring innovation to our ski line in just a short time. A ski design can be conceived on Monday and its prototype is ready for rider testing the following weekend.

Here at Moment, we enjoy making skis and enjoy riding them even more. We enjoy creating a product that lets people have the most fun possible. Come have fun with us on our skis, you wont regret it.