Chilean Beats - Top Music From Chile

Chilean Beats – Top Music From Chile (Ft. Ricardo Villalabos)

Great music from Chile has spread like rapid-fire around the world.

Chilean music is known primarily for its widely diverse characteristics. While other cultures tend to have one specific focus, Chilean music spans several genres.

Cuecca and Tonado are some of Chile’s traditional song and dance. Other chilean folk music has created a strong foundation for the musical scene of Chile.

Today, Chile has a solid footing in the underground scene. Several notable hip hop artists have roots from this incredible country.

Also, several electronic DJs have emerged.

On that note, we wanted to introduce to you Ricardo Villalobos.


Check out Ricardo Villalobos for some mad beats. 

Red Bull Music Academy’s Fireside Chats brought out a new feature.

This clip features an interview with the stellar Villalobos.

Listen to the interview and catch some of his sweetest tunes here:

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