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LibTech and …Lost Surfboards partner to bring you the Puddle Jumper


Snowboarding and surfing may be two different sports for two different seasons, however these two extreme sports root their foundations in the same skill-set.

Both snowboarding and surfing require a solid understanding of board maneuverability.  

Knowing how a board will react to the rider’s movements is a skill unique to boarders. Shredders and surfers alike know how their board feels on different surfaces, and in different conditions. They know and how to control it in a way that provides them with the optimal combination of freedom and power together at once.  

Both snowboarding and surfing are two boardsports that borrow techniques and strategies from one another. The way one board carves on snow can ultimately improve the way a different board carves on water. The skills one surfer uses to maintain his balance on a board that slipping away under his feet, can in turn help the rider who is learning to land a new trick in the snowpark. 




Libtech and …Lost Snowboards saw the similarity between these two adrenaline pumping sports. They took this as an opportunity for innovation. The two companies used their knowledge of one sport to feed the prodigy of another.


LibTech.BoardSports.PuddleJumper.LostSnowboards.EvolveChile.Evolve.Adrenaline.Extreme.pngThe two teamed up to create the ultimate surfboard shape, they call it the Puddle Jumper.



Available this June, LibTech and …Lost Snowboards have joined forces to develop one unreal line of surfboards. These boards are ideal for catching and gliding long lines, and doing some radical carving alongside.



LibTech, already familiar with the surfing scene, brought …Lost Snowboards into the mix —  and the results are outstanding.

The Puddle Jumper is a concave bottomed surfboard that extends into a vee tail. This new shape has a wide outline which makes it easier to catch a line, and ride it out like a pro. The concave bottom adds lift and rail curve while the straight rail line and vee bottom keep the speed steady and the board moving forward during those unreal carving sessions.



Interested? I bet you are. Find out more about the Puddle Jumper here.







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