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Snow Tech: Top Ski and Snowboarding Apps

If you’ve just invested in a fancy new smartphone and want to get the best use of it when your heading out on the slopes this winter, then your going to want to check out these convenient ski and snowboarding apps.

The smartphone generation has totally revolutionized the ski and snowboarding experience. Take a look at these top rated ski and snowboard apps and make your journey down the slopes a smooth ride.


               Apps that allow you to track your run

   Trace Snow

Trace Snow became popular under the Alpine Replay name. This app is a tracking application that allows you to track your maximum speed, average speed, distance, vertical incline, calories burned, time on life vs. time on slope, rest time, jumps vs. airtime, and much much more.

This is one of the most used Run Tracking Apps for ski and snowboarders.

Cost: Free

Compatible: Android, iOS (may be some issues with the iPhone 6)

TraceSnow.AlpineReplay.Apps.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.5.png TraceSnow.AlpineReplay.Apps.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.4.png TraceSnow.AlpineReplay.Apps.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.3.png TraceSnow.AlpineReplay.Apps.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.2.png TraceSnow.AlpineReplay.Apps.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.1.png

Ski Tracks 

This app is another popular run tracker. Ski tracks allows you to track runs, routes, elevation etc. This application hooks up to your computer to deliver a comprehensive report after your ski day.

Cost: $ 0.99

Compatible: Android and iOS


Edge Ski

This app is a lesser known ski tracking up. It is not as comprehensive as the other two above and certainly has less advanced features, but it uses a simple interface if your looking for something quick and easy. It also has some cool bonuses, like allowing you to challenge your friends, or giving you the chance win cool swag from brands.

Take a look at its official website here

Cost: Free

Compatible:  iOS

EdgeSki.App.Android.iOS.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.3 EdgeSki.App.Android.iOS.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.2.png EdgeSki.App.Android.iOS.Ski.Snowboard.Evolve.Chile.1.png

Also to look into 

– SnowEdge

– Ski Nation

– Check out this article comparing Ski Tracks and Trace Snow and Ski Nation Apps here. 

              Apps that deliver quality Ski and Snow Reports

Ski and Snow Report

Add your favourite mountains to this App and track the snow depth at the top and bottom of the hill. You can also use this app to gain access to a five day forecast, lift maps, webcams, and more.

Ski.Snowboard.App.Tech.Ski&SnowReport.png SkiAndSnowReport.App.SkiApp.Snowboarding.Technology.Evolve.png

OnTheSnow Ski and Snow Report

This app is rad. It tracks your location via GPS and updates you with powder alerts and breaking news from the ski industry. It helps you find the hottest gear reviews, and offers deals and discounts from ski resorts. The app also offers a comprehensive weather forecast and guide, tracking what lifts are open, the depth of the snow base, and gives you access to mountain webcams and maps.

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS and Android



Liftopia does offer ski and snow reports, though it is better known for its discount finding features, check out below to read up more about this app.

            Catch the best Ski and Snowboard Deals 


The wellknown website is now in app form. Liftopia offers local snow and ski reports as well as a lift ticket ski discount finder. Deals sometimes veer as high as 85% discounts. Check out this article about the app here

Visit the online site here. 

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS



                Apps You’ll want to use for exploring


This super cool app helps identify where you are. If you’re out exploring the mountain and want to find the name of a mountain you see in the distance, just snap a picture of a peak and the app will identify it for you.

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS (Peaks) and Android



This virtual reality app allows you to download the map of your mountain for 99 cents. Then you can check it out as if you were on Google Streetview, getting a feel for the mountain before making the trek.

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS



This app is convenient because it allows you swap between the trail map and the 3D version. Easily find the trail that you’re thinking of checking out, and then give it a sneak peak using this sophisticated application.

Cost: $4.99

Compatible With: iOS

iTrailMap3D.Apps.Technology.Aspen.Applications.EvolveChile.Evolve.Mountain.Tech.png iTrailMap3D.Apps.Aspen.Mountain.Hill.Resort.Ski.Snowboard.Apps.Technology.Applications.png

              Find Friends on the Mountain


This app is too sweet! Use the “Near Me” functionality to find riders near to you and challenge them to different tests. See who made it down a single run at the highest speed, or set up the DAYCRU function to track their entire day alongside your own. Definitely worth the download.

Challenge.SnoCru.Tech.App.Ski.Snowboard.EvolveChile.Chile..png SnoCru.Tech.Tips.Apps.Ski.Snowboard.Challenge.Technology.Evolve.Chile.png

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS and Android


EpicMax is a great app for the Colorado Mountains. Mountains like Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone are full of EpicMax users. The app uses RFID technology to track your lift ticket through each of lifts you’ve been on. This App also works in a similar way to the Waze App, in the sense that you can earn pins to bring you up the social ladder. Cover more miles, earn more pins, and challenge your friends to beat your status.

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS and Android.



Not only does this app offer lengthy snow forecasts AND track your runs. But you can also use it to gain a reputable name in the ski and snowboard community. Create your own profile and track your stats, contacts, locations, and so much more.


Kino Map is a cool and fun app that works like geocaching. You can use it to leave gifts on the slopes for fellow ski and snowboarders.

See what it is all about here.

             Stay Safe on the Mountain 

First Aid by American Red Cross

Comprehensive First Aid Guide. A must have if you’re trekking into the backcountry

Cost: Free

Compatible With: iOS and Android


This can save you if your in trouble. Whether its dialing an emergency contact after a certain amount of inactivity or tracking your location, this app may be your lifesaver.

Price: Free but with subscription fee per year

Compatible With: iOS and Andoid

Mammut Safety

Measure the avalanche risks in your area with this handy app. The app also allows you to do tons of awesome things, like manage a packing list for your next trip, or check your heading direction.

Mammut Safety  .Risk.Check.App.Technology.Application.EvolveChile.Ski.Snowboard.png Mammut Safety.App.Technology.iOS.Android.Application.Ski.Snowboard.png

              Make Your Life Easier on the Slopes

Ski Phone

Use your phone without taking your gloves off. For sure a Must-Have.

Offgrid (for Android)

This app works similar to Airplane mode, but is a little bit more conveniently geared towards skiing and snowboarding. It helps you unplug by blocking all incoming messages except from those listed as exceptions. It also sends a report to others saying your gone for a few hours and will get back to them when you are available.



              Other Apps for the Typical Outdoorsman

1) Roots Rated – for finding outdoor activities near your city

2) Surfline – Surf Report, Forecasts, Videos (Surfing)

3) Mountain Project (Rock Climbing)



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