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Street Art of Chile

Sure Chile has some of the best powder in the World, and yes, of course you will have ample time to go wild in the mountains, but Chile has plenty more to offer than just amazing skiing and snowboarding, be it surfing, food, music, or one of my favourite aspects of urban Chilean culture, a vibrant street art scene. The streets of Santiago, Vina Del Mar, and Valparaiso are among the many Chilean cities home to mind blowing street art. Not graffiti and tagging, the street art of Chile is often celebrated. Don’t know exactly what i’m talking about? check out these rad photos.

street_art_Santiago_de_Chile_2 street_art_Santiago_de_Chile_3 street_art_Santiago_de_Chile_9 street_art_Santiago_de_Chile_18


Yeah I know cool.
Check out more awesome photos of Chilean street art here or join us next summer at Evolve Chile for the chance to see it all first hand.

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