Sustainability at Evolve Chile Ski & Snowboard Camp


Evolve Chile always strives to continuously improve the way we operate our camp, service our clients, help out the communities we travel in and take care of the environment. Evolve Chile wants our campers to be part of our culture and contribute to the environment and socio-cultural places we visit in Chile and the rest of the world.Since 2009 Evolve Chile has discontinued the print production of our brochures. This is just a small step in the right direction. Over the next 5 years we have set a plan to lower our environmental impact by offsetting all of our camp sessions.

Evolve Chile is proud to be recognized as an industry pioneer in regards to sustainability in our operation; by offering carbon neutral travel services. Carbon neutral travel services are being offered to help fight climate change. When you book a trip through Evolve Chile you can voluntarily choose to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the climate impact of your flight. Simply enter your flight information into the Offsetters carbon calculator here, to calculate and purchase offsets for your air travel.

When using air travel to distant places such as Kenya, Costa Rica and Chile there is a large use of aviation jet fuel. Scientists report that this fuel produces greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that are creating a “greenhouse effect” that is trapping the sun’s heat in our atmosphere. It is feared that temperatures could increase this century by as much as 2 to 6 degrees Celsius.

Evolve Chile has partnered with Offsetters, one of Canada’s largest and highest quality carbon offset providers. Carbon offsets are projects that Offsetters creates that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. In other words Offsetters approaches companies who are interested in reducing their energy use. Offsetters then uses the money it receives from carbon offset sales to purchase and install clean technology equipment to achieve significant, real reductions that would not have occurred without the carbon offset money. These reductions are then quantified based on established, rigorous protocols, audited and sold as carbon offsets to persons such as yourself who want to offset the climate impact of your travel, with a corresponding reduction that takes place somewhere else.