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Snowmobile. Water. Wheelie

Snowmobiling Over Water

A Jet-Ski isn’t the only version of a snowmobile which glides over water. Say that again ? Thats right, REAL snowmobiles do it too. Thats crazy man ! Yupp. Who would have known ? Whoever figured out this one sure was an adrenaline seeker with a creative mind, theres no doubt behind that one. The […]

LibTech and …Lost Surfboards partner to bring you the Puddle Jumper

  Snowboarding and surfing may be two different sports for two different seasons, however these two extreme sports root their foundations in the same skill-set. Both snowboarding and surfing require a solid understanding of board maneuverability.   Knowing how a board will react to the rider’s movements is a skill unique to boarders. Shredders and surfers alike know how […]