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A view like no other

Things To Do In Pucón

Things To Do In Pucón Chile is a beautiful country that also draws in travelers of all over the world.  One of our favourite areas in Chile is Pucón. It is the premier location for domestic tourism in Chile and considered it’s “adventure capital”. Here are things about Pucón that will make you want to drop everything and […]

Chilean Music Monday

Hey Everbody it is Chilean Music Monday! We are back with another serving of tasty Chilean music. Today we have your new favourite Chilean band Tus Amigos Nuevos. This music is perfect for your pre ski/snowboard session pump up. Think Chilean Strokes. Evolve Chile is the best way to experience Chile, Snowboard, Ski, Freestyle and […]


Happy holidays! We hope everyone is getting some mountain time this holiday season, if you are looking to prolong your snow sessions this year look no further than Evolve Chile, the best solution to summer riding out there. This video featuring Max Buri just has style coming from every pore. Cool music, cool footage, and […]

Were back here at the Evolve Chile blog with another awesome video release to get you stoked! Today we have IIkka Backstrom in <a href=”http://www.snowboarder.com/videos/get-outta-town-project-two-iikka-backstrom-full-part/”>Get Outta Town which can be viewed here</a> <img class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-3358″ src=”http://evolvesnowcamps.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Screen-Shot-2014-12-25-at-10.49.51-AM-570×339.png” alt=”Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 10.49.51 AM” width=”570″ height=”339″ /> ‘<a href=”http://www.snowboarder.com/search/Iikka+Backstrom/”>Iikka Backstrom</a> is a pillow popping, switch backside spinning, tree […]

First Descent

Check out the insane clip below featuring Terje Håkonsen’s first descent on backcountry peak 7601 in Alaska. At Evolve Chile we have at our disposal 2 snowmobiles and a helicopter for our more advanced skiers and snowboarders who may be interested in upping their backcountry game. Evolve Chile is the best travel program for those looking […]

Man Boys Cooke City

At Evolve Chile one of the best parts of travelling with us, in both our teen and adult ski and snowboard trips, has got to be how much fun we have joking around on and off the slopes. This new clip from Transworld Snowboarding reminds me of all the good times we have travelling with […]


Hey. If you are reading this, I have a haunting suspicion that we share a similar obsession. Yes. Powder. Can get enough of laying your skis or board into deep fresh, soft powder. you know the feeling. Chile = Powder. to get us stoked for Evolve Chile we like to watch clips and clips of […]


Ok. So this video has to be one of the most insane clips we have seen in a long time. Don’t believe? Well check out the clip here for yourself to see Gigi Ruf ride a glacier in the middle of the sea in Greenland. Gnar. At Evolve Chile we won’t necessarily be hitting remote icebergs, […]

Curtis Woodman’s Surf the Earth

Hey Everyone out there on your computers or staring into your cellphones. I hope you are somewhere comfortable, so you can sit and enjoy this insane new clip, coming from Arbor Snowboards here is Curtis Woodman’s Surf the Earth. Now yes it is true, we do often get stoked on new snowboard clips regularly here at […]