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Cat Skiing vs. Heli Skiing

Cat Skiing and Heli Skiing are two terms that we hear all the time. We tend to classify them together – assuming that both are equally a powder chaser’s dream come true. There are, however, several differences between the two. To save you the trouble, we thought we’d do a comparison for you. Heli Skiing […]

First Descent

Check out the insane clip below featuring Terje Håkonsen’s first descent on backcountry peak 7601 in Alaska. At Evolve Chile we have at our disposal 2 snowmobiles and a helicopter for our more advanced skiers and snowboarders who may be interested in upping their backcountry game. Evolve Chile is the best travel program for those looking […]


Ok. So this video has to be one of the most insane clips we have seen in a long time. Don’t believe? Well check out the clip here for yourself to see Gigi Ruf ride a glacier in the middle of the sea in Greenland. Gnar. At Evolve Chile we won’t necessarily be hitting remote icebergs, […]