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What Kind of Snowboarder Are You?

Check out this hilarious photo which asks the age old question…. “What kind of snowboarder are you?” Are you the outdoors, adventure snowboarder? are you the steezy urban hip-hop snowboarder? the high-tech snowboarder, or the og. punk rock snowboarder? Well whatever kind of snowboarder you are, you are welcome to join us next season at […]

5 Reasons Why to Learn How to Ski or Snowboard

Here at the Evolve headquarters we take fun very seriously. Travel, Skateboarding, Skiing and Snowboarding, all are very important to us (and deserving of capitals^). Going skiing or going snowboarding is as necessary to our lives here as breathing, or eating quinoa. But for those of you who have not yet been #blessed with the […]


Check out the latest footage from Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström as they go big in Chile. In this trip the riders spend their time searching for powder and getting creative, when they finally got enough sunshine to shoot their clips. If you are interested in riding this summer in Chile hit us up for one […]