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Flux Veho – Chilean Mountain Film Festival

This year marked the first year of the The Flux Veho Film Festival. The festival was created by Rafael Pease to celebrate local Chilean Mountain Culture. The festival aims to spread awareness of the natural beauty of this ski and snowboard haven. The hope is that such awareness will help grow the movement dedicated towards […]

Nick Visconti – TWS

From Nick Visconti — This season I have been working on an exclusive TransWorld SNOWboarding web-series and video project with intent to fuse web, video and print media. However, due to some unexpected events and the limited snow season, this project has been reinvented and we decided to release now in season. Here is my […]

Tahoe Dangerzone Episode 6

We are so stoked that Nick Visconti is back on his feet after his battle with meningitis.  Check out the latest edition of Tahoe Dangerzone. If you haven’t signed up for Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard camp then you might miss out this summer! Dangerzone Season 3 Episode 6- “Wakeboarding” from Nick Visconti on Vimeo.