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Jones Snowboards in Chile

The Jones Snowboarding crew just spent a ton of time down in the southern hemisphere. The result? Some awesome photos and videos documenting the epic radness of this trip down south. Specifically their ambassador Inaki Odriozola caught some wild snippets of the action. Take a look and what beautiful sites were uncovered: Valle Nevado, Chile Forrest Shearer in […]

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Flux Veho – Chilean Mountain Film Festival

This year marked the first year of the The Flux Veho Film Festival. The festival was created by Rafael Pease to celebrate local Chilean Mountain Culture. The festival aims to spread awareness of the natural beauty of this ski and snowboard haven. The hope is that such awareness will help grow the movement dedicated towards […]

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Termas De Chillán

We travel down to Termas De Chillán during our crazy summer trips and we want you to know all about it!! This place is absolutely unreal. It is located about in Southern Andes about 80 km from Chillán and is surrounded by such a scenic and stunning environment!   Hidden amongst the slopes of the […]


Stand Up Paddle SNOWBoarding

There’s a new sport upon us: Stand Up Paddle Snowboarding. We’ve seen just how fast stand up paddle boarding gained traction… is this going to be the next big thing? We’re not too sure about that, but it sure is creative! Check out this video about stand up paddle SNOWboarding. Surfers and Stand-up paddle boarders (SUP […]

Gearing up for Chile & the adult session

The winter vibes in Chile are in full swing. Skiers and snowboarders are eager for winter to start. Shops are fully stocked and our partner resorts such as Valle Nevado and Nevados de Chillan are in full swing getting ready for winter 2015. Sounds funny but our winter is only about to begin! With a slow […]


Hey. If you are reading this, I have a haunting suspicion that we share a similar obsession. Yes. Powder. Can get enough of laying your skis or board into deep fresh, soft powder. you know the feeling. Chile = Powder. to get us stoked for Evolve Chile we like to watch clips and clips of […]

Session 1 Pow > Surf

Session Uno just ended a few days ago. Campers at Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard camp could not have had it any better. Brand new lodge, epic amounts of snow and no crowds….all in the middle of July. Are all of you enjoying the hot smoggy, days back home? We didnt miss the summer one […]