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LibTech and …Lost Surfboards partner to bring you the Puddle Jumper

  Snowboarding and surfing may be two different sports for two different seasons, however these two extreme sports root their foundations in the same skill-set. Both snowboarding and surfing require a solid understanding of board maneuverability.   Knowing how a board will react to the rider’s movements is a skill unique to boarders. Shredders and surfers alike know how […]


Stand Up Paddle SNOWBoarding

There’s a new sport upon us: Stand Up Paddle Snowboarding. We’ve seen just how fast stand up paddle boarding gained traction… is this going to be the next big thing? We’re not too sure about that, but it sure is creative! Check out this video about stand up paddle SNOWboarding. Surfers and Stand-up paddle boarders (SUP […]

Chilean Snow Reports

That’s right #WinterIsComing down in the south!! Want to stay up to date on the latest Chilean Snow Reports? We have a killer link for you that tells you the Snow Report for Valle Nevado, La Parva, Portillo, and El Colorado amongst a ton of other hills. We’re ALREADY seeing “Powder Snow” in the forecast […]


Snow Has Started to Fall in Chile

The snow has stopped falling in the North (Well… at least it had better stop soon)   And in the South?   In the South it is all just beginning !   Check out these recent pics from the snow that been falling in Valle Nevado Resort in Chile  

Snow is here in Chile!

We are so stoked to see some more consistent  snow coming down on the Andes. On May 3rd we got a nice amount of snow. You stoked? We sure are, so get your act together and sign up for camp, as this summer is living to its hype! #evolvechile The snow is here in Chile! […]