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GoPro Releases Karma Grip

GoPro Releases Karma Grip GoPro’s release of the Karma Grip is bringing image stabilization to a whole other level! It has the ability to capture footage smoother than ever before.   On Monday GoPro made an announcement that the handheld stabilizer has released in select stores and on for $299 USD. Customers will have […]

Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts Chileans are known to be very friendly and hospitable people. They will make you feel right at home. Their culture and customs are different from what you may be used to at home or from what you’ve experienced when travelling elsewhere. For that, we’ve compiled a list of some […]

Ski Portillo Resort in Chile

Ski Resorts To Check Out In Chile

Ski Resorts To Check Out In Chile It might be fall here but were always dreaming of an endless winter! With an endless winter it has us thinking about Chile. Looking to book a trip down to the southern hemisphere sometime soon? Here’s a few ski resorts to check out. 1. Valle Nevado Ski Resort […]

Trace Action Sports

Trace Action Sports Tracker

It seems like we have everything we could possibly need for skiing and snowboarding. We have multiple methods to track our performance, we have unreal Augmented Reality Goggles, we have Throw and Shoot Self-Flying drones, and we even apps that work like tinder for the slopes.   All these awesome gadgets on the market are offering inspiration […]

Jones Snowboards in Chile

The Jones Snowboarding crew just spent a ton of time down in the southern hemisphere. The result? Some awesome photos and videos documenting the epic radness of this trip down south. Specifically their ambassador Inaki Odriozola caught some wild snippets of the action. Take a look and what beautiful sites were uncovered: Valle Nevado, Chile Forrest Shearer in […]


Stand Up Paddle SNOWBoarding

There’s a new sport upon us: Stand Up Paddle Snowboarding. We’ve seen just how fast stand up paddle boarding gained traction… is this going to be the next big thing? We’re not too sure about that, but it sure is creative! Check out this video about stand up paddle SNOWboarding. Surfers and Stand-up paddle boarders (SUP […]

Valle Nevado: The History

Heres the backstory behind where you will travelling to with us this summer! The Valle Nevado dream all began in the mid 80s. By 1988, the dream had become into a reality when the doors opened to what we now know of today as the Valle Nevado Resort. This resort was inspired by the French Resort, Les […]

Best Snowboarding Photos: Cyril Mueller

We are back here today with another one of our favourite snowboarding photos of all time. Today we have Peetu Pirroinen boosting a gigantic method in Montafon. we love this photo because it really shows scale and works as a piece of art displaying line in addition to demonstrating athletic ability in snowboarding. At Evolve […]