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Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts Chileans are known to be very friendly and hospitable people. They will make you feel right at home. Their culture and customs are different from what you may be used to at home or from what you’ve experienced when travelling elsewhere. For that, we’ve compiled a list of some […]

Man Boys Cooke City

At Evolve Chile one of the best parts of travelling with us, in both our teen and adult ski and snowboard trips, has got to be how much fun we have joking around on and off the slopes. This new clip from Transworld Snowboarding reminds me of all the good times we have travelling with […]


Ok. So this video has to be one of the most insane clips we have seen in a long time. Don’t believe? Well check out the clip here for yourself to see Gigi Ruf ride a glacier in the middle of the sea in Greenland. Gnar. At Evolve Chile we won’t necessarily be hitting remote icebergs, […]

What is Evolve Chile?

What is Evolve Chile anyways? Evolve Chile is a one of a kind experience, a ski and snowboard camp in beautiful Las Trancas Chile, Evolve Chile offers packages for teens and adults to travel to the best ski and snowboard destination in South America. At Evolve Chile, campers will get to tighten up their skills […]

What Kind of Snowboarder Are You?

Check out this hilarious photo which asks the age old question…. “What kind of snowboarder are you?” Are you the outdoors, adventure snowboarder? are you the steezy urban hip-hop snowboarder? the high-tech snowboarder, or the og. punk rock snowboarder? Well whatever kind of snowboarder you are, you are welcome to join us next season at […]

Best Snowboarding Photos: Cyril Mueller

We are back here today with another one of our favourite snowboarding photos of all time. Today we have Peetu Pirroinen boosting a gigantic method in Montafon. we love this photo because it really shows scale and works as a piece of art displaying line in addition to demonstrating athletic ability in snowboarding. At Evolve […]


  Recon Instruments MOD Live have come out with the latest technology in Alpine ski and snowboard goggles. TheVancouverbased company has come out with unique technology that encompass everything you could possibly want in a pair of goggles. These goggles are outfitted with a HD display that shows real time data and images.  The goggles […]