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Termas De Chillán

We travel down to Termas De Chillán during our crazy summer trips and we want you to know all about it!!

Termas De Chillan. Chile. Andes. Snow.

This place is absolutely unreal. It is located about in Southern Andes about 80 km from Chillán and is surrounded by such a scenic and stunning environment!


Hidden amongst the slopes of the Chillán volcano, Termas De Chillán has amazing mountain terrain featuring South America’s longest run spanning 13 km! It is also a getaway resort to-die-for .

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The natural hot springs in the area are a highlight. Averaging around 60 C, these natural baths are always ideal for apres-ski relaxing.

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Spas, hot springs, casino, disco, golf, tennis courts, club house– anything that makes you think “ vacation” is all right there in one place.


About the Mountain:


Total # of Downhill Runs 28
# Advanced Difficulty Runs 13
# Intermediate Difficulty Runs 7
# Novice Difficulty Runs 4
# Easy Difficulty Runs 4


Total # Of Lifts 9
# of Triple Chairs 1
# of Double Chairs 2
# Surface Tows 5


Max Vertical Height / Vertical Drop 1100 m
Elevation 1600 m above sea level

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