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Trace Action Sports Tracker

It seems like we have everything we could possibly need for skiing and snowboarding. We have multiple methods to track our performance, we have unreal Augmented Reality Goggles, we have Throw and Shoot Self-Flying drones, and we even apps that work like tinder for the slopes.


All these awesome gadgets on the market are offering inspiration to bring new technologies to the action sports community. 


A new innovation from Trace is an example of this.


Trace offers YET ANOTHER handy tool for the slopes that is bound to make your eyes pop.


Trace has released the Trace Action Sports Tracker. This tracker is a one up on all those tracking apps that are currently available for your smart phone. It offers advanced GPS tracking technology, and full day battery life to make sure you don’t miss a single line of stats. 

Trace Action Sports

This tracker straps onto the front of your board or skis and runs all day long. It collects ALL the information about your day on the slopes ranging from speed, to height, and even capturing your air time and jump distance.


Also impressive is the Trace Video App that works alongside the tracker and Trace Snow App. 

This app automatically edits your POV GoPro clips into full fledged video edits. It combines the video footage with your recorded stats from the Trace Action Sports Tracker for one awesome video.

Some of us are gifted with the art of video editing. For those of us that aren’t, this device has got us covered.


The Trace Snow app automatically cuts out any footage where you were recorded to be idle. Be it on skis, a snowboard, a surfboard, or just on your feet,  this app can sense when you are moving and when you aren’t thanks to the stats collected during the day. If you’re not covering any ground, likelyhood is that footage is pretty boring. Trace has caught onto that, and automatically cuts out this footage, getting right to the good stuff.  

The app also adds automatic color corection, and overlays your recorded stats from the day’s runs.
The Trace Action Sports Tracker is available for $199. The Trace Snow App and Trace Video app are both free to download.


Check out this edit compiles by the Trace Video App!

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