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Traditional Chilean Dishes

Traditional Chilean Dishes

In Chile, there is large range of traditional Chilean dishes that will have your taste buds wanting more. It’s unlike your typical north american dishes and is definitely a cultural experience in itself.

1. Bistec a lo pobre

A dish combined of beefsteak, French fries, fried onions, topped with a couple of fried eggs. So many favourites on one plate, how could you go wrong? This dish is a good transition to the rest of chilean food and will remind most of home because individually, the food is all recognizable.

Chilean dish Bistec a lo pobre

Bistec a lo pobre is a Chilean dish that combines a bunch of great foods we know and love

2. Curento En Hoyo

This interesting dish hails from the south of Chile. A hearty eater will enjoy curanto en hoyo because of the combination of seafood, some meat, milcaos (fried and baked pancakes potato) and types of bread. The food is prepared over red hot rocks in a hole in the ground. Before being placed, it is wrapped in big leaves and then covered with dirt. This is done so that it slowly cooks over a several hours. This is a chilean experience like no other!

Curanto en Hoyo Chilean dish

Curanto en Hoyo is a dish prepared over red hot stones and wrapped with leaves

3. Ensalada a la Chilena

A little bit on the healthier side, this the Chilean version of a salad. Freshly made of sliced tomatoes and onions with an oil dressing but the seasonings make for it to be a all around delicious. It’s a very versatile dish and is a staple on every Chilean table. It goes with everything!

A Chilean salad

Ensalada a la Chilena is Chile’s version of a salad

4. Empanada de Queso

To some, these could resemble a pizza pocket or even a dumpling. An empanada can be filled with different ingredients. An Empanada de queso is a turnover filled with swiss-type cheese called queso chanco and can either be deep fried or baked. It’s simple yet delicious! Its pretty easy to eat a bunch of these in a sitting.

Empanada de Queso's are a chilean dish filled with queso chanco, a swiss-type cheese.

Empanada de Queso’s are filled with queso chanco, a swiss-type cheese

5. Pollo Arvejado

Pollo Arvejado is chicken served with peas, onion and sliced carrots. It is a traditional family dish and is a popular everyday chilean meal. The ingredients sometimes tends to change depending on preference. Some people like to include diced tomatoes or other diced vegetables.

A chilean chicken dish served with peas, onion and sliced carrots

Pollo Arvejado is a made up of chicken, peas, onion and sliced carrots

This is a well rounded idea of what kind of chilean dishes you can expect to eat during your stay in Chile. The country is known for its diversity of seafood because of it being on the coastline. But if you’re not a seafood lover, don’t let that stop you, you’ll be sure to find a variety of dishes to enjoy.

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