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Valle Nevado: The History

Heres the backstory behind where you will travelling to with us this summer!

The Valle Nevado dream all began in the mid 80s. By 1988, the dream had become into a reality when the doors opened to what we now know of today as the Valle Nevado Resort. This resort was inspired by the French Resort, Les Arcs; and such inspiration deemed it as truly Franco-Chilean project. By 1998 the Chilean government was in new hands,  and interest was flowing into this world renown resort. It took a couple of years to gain traction, and successfully, by 2001, progress was certainly being made. The Andes Express Chairlift was added to the mix, noting Valle Nevado as the first in the surrounding area to have a detachable chairlift.

Finally, by 2008, Valle Nevado was celebrating its 20th year of business, and a big year for change indeed. In 2008, the building of Valle de Condores 1 began, as did that of two new carpet boarding lifts. It wasn’t until 2010 that bigger and better restaurants began to emerge and Condors Valley went into full fledged production.

With their three major hotels remodeled, and new development plans set to go, Valle Nevado was dreaming big. They planned for brand new chairlifts started 2010 with a bang.

5 Years later we see the results of this thoroughly thought-out planning. Valle Nevado is a globally known ski resort with some of the best snow and some of the best facilities.

The historical information presented here can be found on their website. Check it out here!

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